Investing in necessity-based commercial real estate properties in growth markets

who we are

Who we are

Investors partner with us in buying daily-use, necessity-based commercial real estate properties in growth markets. Each property is underwritten to exceed our proprietary investment criteria. We aim to identify assets in markets with strong macro and micro economic fundamentals, employment growth, population growth and other key demand drivers. In return, our investment partners have the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios while earning superior risk-adjusted returns on their capital.


Ash Patel

Ash Patel’s RE journey started with a mixed use building in a college town where he learned that residential tenants added wear and tear to his apartments and commercial tenants improved their space. In the 10+ years since that first property Ash went on to purchase retail, industrial, warehouse, mixed use, restaurants, medical, office etc. The commonality in his deals are extraordinary returns beyond what Multi-Family properties can produce. He has invested in over 30 properties with a total value of over $50mm.


Arti Shah

Arti Shah has been a leader in the real estate industry for over 10 years. She has a background in financial valuation and consulting and graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago. As Director of Investments for a real estate family office, Arti has led several ground-up development projects and expanded multiple operating businesses, such as self-storage and multi-family. She evaluates private equity and venture capital deals and is currently focused on expanding her personal real estate portfolio. Arti is passionate about helping others learn how to succeed in the commercial real estate space.

Rinku Patel

Rinku is a seasoned CRE professional with 19 years of experience. Over the years, she has closed $300mm in value-add assets with a public company before branching out on her own. Based in Atlanta, Rinku manages a portfolio of properties and has added $7.0M in value through her last three transactions. Her focus is on finding properties with significant value-add opportunities. High returns and a love of CRE have ignited Rinku's passion for this industry. She is also a champion of education and mentoring Women to become leaders in CRE.



Four Key Steps

valuable deal flow 1

Valuable Deal Flow

We have developed partnerships with originators through a stringent screening process. We have a long-term view for the partners that help us source deals as they are well-versed in finding opportunities that will maximize the value of our investors.

comprehensive due diligence review 2

Comprehensive Due Diligence Review

Our strict criteria help us sift through thousands of properties before choosing the one that meets our exacting specifications. The investment team will then conduct their analysis of the investment opportunity, and if the team decides to move forward with the opportunity, it will then go through the investment committee.

During committee review, experienced investment professionals unassociated with the opportunity provide a fresh perspective and challenge the investment team’s thesis hoping to identify any potential risks. When an opportunity makes the cut, we’ll share it with you so you can invest alongside us.

acquisition-of-the-property 3

Acquisition of the Property

Once we have acquired the property, we will execute on our business plan to increase the value by upgrading the property, improving the tenant mix, and re-negotiating leases. Additionally, we will look for nearby development opportunities to provide additional value to the property. Our team’s goal upon execution is to maximize investor returns while carefully focusing on preserving investors’ capital.

earn-passive-income 4

Earn Passive Income

Our targeted hold periods range from 3-7 years, after which we sell or refinance each property and return capital, plus appreciation to our partners. Positive cash flow is typically distributed to our investors quarterly and /or in lump sum payouts at disposition.

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