About Us

The Founders of Invest Beyond Multifamily have individually and collectively mentored others for many years. They have experience in purchasing and managing commercial assets ranging from retail, office, industrial, flex, warehouse, medical, mixed-use, land development, restaurants etc. The unsolicited demand for their mentorship reached a point where they needed to start a formal mastermind. As they witnessed students in their mastermind become successful and have dramatic mindset transformations, they realized the importance of this program.

The classes meet weekly over the course of four months. Each class is limited to 20 students.

Mastermind Takeaways

  • Find Unicorn (exceptionally high returns) deals
  • Identify mis-marketed and mis-managed deals
  • Evaluate different CRE asset classes
  • Perform due diligence before and after contract signing
  • Identify and effectively work with the right lenders
  • Raise capital or make money from finding deals without using your own capital
  • Expand your mindset to overcome limiting beliefs no matter how successful you already are
  • Effectively manage the deals that you close on
  • Increase NOI to maximize your returns
  • Work with local governments to obtain grants, tax abatements and TIFF funds.
  • Market yourself and your properties
  • Review legal docs
  • Use 1031’s and cost segregation to minimize your tax liability
  • Offset your taxable income and the taxable income of your spouse
  • Be a lifelong member of a growing Mastermind

Mastermind Case Study

12,000 Sq/Ft 2-Story Reading, OH Mixed-Use Building

  • $420,000 Purchase Price
  • 10% Down 
  • ARV: $1,500,000

I come from a background in residential real estate, general contracting, flipping houses, and doing renovations for homeowners. I was getting burnt out and did not feel like I was living up to my potential when I decided to join this mastermind to try something new. Right away I was impressed with all the other mastermind members’ experience and knowledge. Having access to Ash and the rest of the group gave me the knowledge and confidence to go after a commercial mixed-use deal we just closed on that should have returns that I would never see in residential real estate. I would have never looked at this deal without joining the mastermind and this deal has the potential to be life-changing – Anderson Morgan, Mastermind Member

Mastermind Case Study

25,000 Sq/Ft Office Building In Kettering, OH